Wine List


Casè, Emilia Romagna

“Harusame” 2016
Pinot Nero – 12,0%
Sparkling rosé from 100% Pinot Noir made adding natural must to start the secondary fermentation in the bottle. Wild and fresh.

Ombretta Agricola, Veneto

“Mosso” 2016
Glera – 10,5%
A delicious Colfondo with loads of fruit and a crisp refreshing mousse; but also dried thyme, spiced apple and a savoury, yeasty kick on the finish.

Podere Pradarolo, Emilia Romagna

“VEJ Bianco Antico” Metodo Classico 2014/270
Malvasia di Candia Aromatica – 11,0%
A very rare example of a traditional method sparkling orange wine. 270 days of skin-contact maceration. 18-months aging on the lees. Pas dosé & Millesimé.

“Indocilis” Rosso Frizzante 2014
Barbera – 11,0%
Emilia has a huge tradition in fizzy reds. They are perfect match for local cuisine. This is a traditional frizzante Barbera, unique in its freshness and lightness.


Cantine dell’Angelo, Campania

“Miniere” 2015
Greco di Tufo – 13,0%
Very fresh and mineral, with an important acidity. Nose and palate are also characterised by a territorial sulphur taste.

“Torrefavale” 2015
Greco di Tufo – 13,5%
From old vines. Golden yellow in colour, with a mineral and salty nose. Very long and deep finish. Superb when paired with white meat.

Casè, Emilia Romagna

Casè Bianco 2016
Malvasia, Ortrugo, Moscato, Marsanne – 11,5%
Traditional short maceration on the skins that gives a surprising result of sweet & fruity perfumes, associated with an unexpected dry aftertaste.

Fattoria La Maliosa, Tuscany

Maliosa Bianco 2016
Procanico, Greco Piccolo, Ansonica – 12,5%
Skin-contact white wine made 100% from ancient Tuscan grape varieties. Typical aromas of honey, ripe fruit, saffron, cumin.

Franco Terpin, Friuli Venezia Giulia

“Quinto Quarto” Bianco 2016
Malvasia, Pinot Bianco – 12,5%
This is the only wine from Franco Terpin made without any skin-contact maceration. An easy-drinking, light, fresh and aromatic white from Friuli.

“Jakot” 2011
Jakot (a.k.a. Friulano) – 13,0%
Fermentation in big wooden cask from Slavonia for 20 days. Aged 12 months in barrique, 12 months in stainless steel tanks, and at least other 12 months in bottle.

Ribolla Gialla 2010
Ribolla Gialla – 12,5%
Floral, intense and vegetal nose, with a fine citrus fruit bouquet. Very intense on the palate, with a typical honey aftertaste.

I Cacciagalli, Campania

“Aorivola” 2016
Falanghina – 13,5%
From volcanic soil. A traditional Falanghina, fully expressing the potential of its very own terroir. Mineral complexity in a glass.

Ombretta Agricola, Veneto

“Fermo” 2016
Glera, Incrocio Manzoni – 10,5%
Traditional (but not easy to find) blend of indigenous grape varieties, made with a short skin-contact maceration. Fruity, with a delicate dry bitter finish.

Podere Casaccia, Tuscany

“Sine Felle” Bianco 2016
Malvasia, Trebbiano – 13,0%
A traditional Tuscan white blend, with an incredible depth of flavours. Beautiful Malvasia aromatics on the nose, with an elegant and dense texture.

Podere Pradarolo, Emilia Romagna

“VEJ Bianco Antico” 2016/270
Malvasia di Candia Aromatica – 12,5%
270 days of skin-contact maceration for a very elegant and approachable orange wine, with a touch of typical Malvasia aromatics.

Podere Veneri Vecchio, Campania

“Bianco Tempo” 2015
Grieco, Cerreto, Falanghina – 12,0%
From 60 years old vines. Mineral nose, reminding of Mediterranean flora. The palate is characterised by a salty taste that makes this wine perfect to be paired with shellfish.

“Il Tempo Ritrovato” 2015
Grieco, Cerreto – 12,0%
2 days of skin-contact maceration in big barrels made of indigenous woods. Aged 8 months in cherry tree barrels. Rich, yet delicate. A perfect first approach to orange wine.

“Ciao Bella Ciao” Agostinella 2015
Agostinella – 12,0%
White wine made from a rare and ancient grape variety, Agostinella, found in small amounts in Castelvenere. Aged in chestnut and cherry tree barrel.


Casè, Emilia Romagna

“Riva del Ciliegio” 2013
Pinot Nero – 13,5%
The altitude of the vineyard and the soil composition produce a dry, sharp and mineral wine, with an aging potential of more than 10 years in the bottle.

Case Corini, Piedmont

“Bricco” 2012
Barbera, plus other ancient grape varieties – 15,0%
A fruit-driven and eclectic blend of Barbera and other – unknown & almost forgotten – indigenous grape varieties.

“Barla” 2012
Barbera – 15,5%
Barbera from 60/90 years old vines. Great structure, complex and just a silky pleasure. Nice concentration and a very lengthy finish.

“Achille” 2013
Barbera, Nebbiolo – 15,5%
A very smooth and easy drinking blend of Barbera and Nebbiolo, with a charming nose and good balance.

Fattoria La Maliosa, Tuscany

Maliosa Rosso 2015
Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese – 14,5%
Intense, with very balanced tannins and fruit concentration. Seductive and typical red cherry aromas. Long, silky finish.

I Cacciagalli, Campania

“Mille” 2016
Aglianico, Piedirosso – 12,5%
A fresh blend of Aglianico with a less known (but still delicious) indigenous red grape variety: Piedirosso. Vinification and aging in cement tanks like tradition dictates.

“Masseria Cacciagalli” 2012
Aglianico – 14,0%
20 months aging in large oak casks, this Aglianico is able to be matched to the most intense game dishes. Full-bodied, with a charming elegant finish.

Il Cancelliere, Campania

“Vendemmia” 2016
Aglianico – 14,0%
Dark red with brilliant ruby shades. Fresh and vegetal nose, characterised by a territorial “wilderness”. Fruity on the palate, with rich tannins.

“Gioviano” 2013
Aglianico – 13,5%
A juicy Aglianico. Aged in steel for 6 months on the lees, then in wood (oak and chestnut) for 18 months, and then at least other 12 months in the bottle.

“Nero Né” Taurasi 2012
Aglianico – 15,0%
Taurasi at its best. 30 days maceration at room temperature. Manual pressing. Aged in old Slavonia oak barrels for 24 months, and at least other 24 months in bottle.

Podere Casaccia, Tuscany

“Aliter” 2015
Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera, Canaiolo – 13,5%
The three grapes are blended together. Maceration for 48 hours. Ageing, in medium sized casks of French oak (10 Hl) for 12 months.

“Sine Felle” Chianti Riserva 2009
Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera, Canaiolo – 14,0%
A traditional Chianti blend, aged in 10 Hl oak casks and barriques for 4 years. Hints of blackberry and ripe red fruit on the nose. Soft and elegant tannins.

Podere Pradarolo, Emilia Romagna

“VELIUS Rosso Asciutto” 2013
Barbera – 13,5%
Ripe red cherries, blackberries and blueberries on the nose. Soft, well-integrated tannins. Long skin macerations (more than 90 days) and traditional aging in old barrels.