Meet the Grape Liberator / Podere Casaccia, Tuscany

Introduce yourself!
Roberto and Lucia work together in their farm in harmony with the elements of nature making wine through biodynamic agriculture.

Why did you decide to join LIBERATE THE GRAPE! and what do you think this event may represent to wine enthusiasts?
We really like to attend an event that combines art and wine in a very nice place and also because London is a very interesting city, we would like our wines to be appreciated there. I think that tasting of completely natural wines can be a truly interesting experience for wine lovers.

Let’s talk about wine. Why do you think it is important to safeguard local traditions and varieties?
We have to save this wealth that we have in Italy that allows us to make wines completely different from those that are usually on the market. In our farm we recovered old vineyards and we planted new ones with ancient Tuscan vines.

Can you tell us a traditional food & wine matching of your region?
Typical of Florence are soups such as “ribollita” or “Pappa al Pomodoro” or more important dishes such as “Florentine Steak” or “wild boar”, always accompanied by Chianti wine but that must be of good quality!

You will be showcasing different wines at LIBERATE THE GRAPE! but if we were forced to pick only 1 wine to taste, which one do you think cannot be missed?
It is difficult to choose between a very pleasant and particular wine like ALITER-2015 and a CHIANTI RISERVA-2009 of great quality but having to choose I prefer the last one for its great qualities.

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