Meet the Grape Liberator / I Cacciagalli, Campania

Introduce yourself!
Diana and Mario who decided together to start this path through organic vineyard that, even before a business, is a way of life and a way to share a common passion for wine and for the land.

Why did you decide to join LIBERATE THE GRAPE! and what do you think this event may represent to wine enthusiasts?
We share the same philosophy of this project and we believe in the creation of a virtuous circle of people that spread the same value of quality and trust.

Let’s talk about wine. Why do you think it is important to safeguard local traditions and varieties?
Every land has its own history and his own peculiarity, every little details of the soil, the wind, the water and the way we produce the wine is all absorbed by the wine itself, donating its own uniqueness.

Can you tell us a traditional food & wine matching of your region?
In Campania we have a lot of traditions connecting food and wine, we would surely choose the special taste of the wild black pig of Caserta with a good glass of Aglianico.

You will be showcasing different wines at LIBERATE THE GRAPE! but if we were forced to pick only 1 wine to taste, which one do you think cannot be missed?
I would pick Mille, the most rapresentative of our volcanic territory.

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