Meet the Grape Liberator / Fattoria La Maliosa, Tuscany

Introduce yourself!
Antonella Manuli is the owner of this farm, which she started from the outset with the mission to produce healthy products of the highest quality in a completely natural environment, fully representing the character of this unspoilt territory.

Why did you decide to join LIBERATE THE GRAPE! and what do you think this event may represent to wine enthusiasts?
When Michele of Hay Wines, our UK importer, called to invite us to this event, we accepted with enthusiasm, given the wonderful location and the focus just on natural wine producers from Italy.

Let’s talk about wine. Why do you think it is important to safeguard local traditions and varieties?
At La Maliosa we produce according to Metodo Corino, which puts a big emphasis on local tradition and varieties. Local tradition normally is a sum of trial and errors which yields to solid results. Local varieties are a must in expressing the best relationship between vine and terroir and have the highest probability to perform well year after year.

Can you tell us a traditional food & wine matching of your region?
We are located in the volcanic area in Maremma (southern Tuscany) where the focus has traditionally been on macerated white wine. It was never paired to a specifc dish but used throughout the meal.

You will be showcasing different wines at LIBERATE THE GRAPE! but if we were forced to pick only 1 wine to taste, which one do you think cannot be missed?
La Maliosa Bianco, a macerated white based on the historical grape Procanico.

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